Fiber laser cutting

Besides, auto cutting is easily realized by moving light spot with the help of CNC mechanical system. In a word, the metal fiber laser cutter is a novel and innovative high-end machine integrating laser technology, CNC technology and precision mechanical technology. 

Fiber laser cutting uses a type of solid-state laser to melt and pierce metals, achieving a precise and efficient cut. The laser medium for this technology is optical fibre, as opposed to gas or crystal, giving fiber laser cutting its name. Knowing that a laser is concentrated light, it makes sense that optical fibre can intensify this beam – hence why fibre is the ‘active gain medium’ used to elevate the laser to a higher power state. Fiber laser cutters can cut a range of materials and thicknesses depending on the capacity of the equipment. 

Product Specification

New Innovation

Technical Specification

Series IS-3015 IS-2513
Working area (L*W) 3000×1500mm 2500×1300mm
X-axis travel 1500mm 1300mm
Y-axis travel 3000mm 2500mm
Z-axis travel 120mm 40mm
X/Y axis Repeated Positioning Precision ±0.1mm ±0.15mm
Max. Running Speed (idle running) 40 ~100m/min 25m/min
Max. Accelerated Speed 0.5 ~ 1G 0.3G
Machine Weight 5000 ~ 7000Kg 3000Kg
Max. Load on Working Table 500 ~ 700Kg 300Kg
Phase Triphase Single phase
Voltage 380V 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz

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Benefits of Fiber laser cutting

technologically advanced form

Versatile range of metals

Faster speed

Increased efficiency

Reduced set-up Time

High power output