CNC router

A good value for money 1325 Woodworking CNC Router Machine is on sale, perfect for novices and beginners, with a wide range of applications

1325 CNC router for sale at best price. This is an entry-level CNC router machine, which is affordable, durable and powerful, and is easy to learn and operate. It is a top choice for small businesses and beginners.

Product Specification

New Innovation

Technical Specification

Model Parameters
Working area 4 x 8 ft / 5 x 10 ft / 5 x 12 ft
Spindle 3kw / 3.5kw / 4.5kw / 6kw (Air cooled/Water cooled)
Inverter Industry standard
Motor Stepper / Semi Servo / Servo
Driver Suitable with Motor
Control System DSP / NC Studio
Table T slot / Vaccum
Oil lubrication Automatic lubrication optional
Transmission XY axis rack Z axis ball screw
Rail X,Y,Z axis Square guide rail
Voltage 1 Phase/230V or 3 phase/380V

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Benefits of Cnc router

Precision and Accuracy


Ease of Operation

Reduced Manpower Costs

Improved Safety

Good compatibility